3x Your Productivity as an Entrepreneur with these 50 Tools

Written by: Victor Odeyemi

3x Your Productivity as a nigerian Entrepreneur with these 50 Tools
3x Your Productivity as an Entrepreneur with these 50 tools (Image Source: FreePik)

Productivity tools play pivotal roles in managing tasks and achieving goals, acting as the driving force behind efficiency, effectiveness, and overall success.

Sometimes, as an entrepreneur or startup owner, you are overwhelmed with a barrage of to-dos and tasks to complete yet you’re trying to gather a team. This burden can affect your pace and place you at risk of burnout if not effectively managed.

In this article, we’ll show free websites (tools) you can use to execute your tasks and increase your productivity at work.

These tools will help save time, handle your tasks, reduce stress, and ultimately lead to business success.

Without much ado, let’s dive in.

3x Your Productivity as an Entrpreneur with these 50 Tools

Task Management and To-Do Tools

These are tools that help organize your tasks, set priorities, and track your progress. Examples include

1. Todoist – Helps you create a to-do list and manages tasks for professionals and small businesses.

2. Trello – Helps you and your team to manage projects, workflow and track tasks.

3. Microsoft To Do – Helps you manage all your tasks in one place.

4. Asana – Helps and your team organize, track, and manage your work.

5. Taskade – Makes it easy for you to create to-do lists, take notes, and manage projects efficiently.

Time Tracking and Management

Tools for tracking time spent on tasks and implementing time management techniques. Examples include

6. Toggl – Accurate time tracking tool for you and your team.

7. Clockify – Helps you track work hours across projects with a time tracker and timesheet app.

8. Pomodone – Helps you automatically track how much time you spend on each task.

Social Links & Branding

Tools for branding your social media links and website links. Examples include

9. Linktree – Instagram bio link to help direct users to your landing pages, like your website, a video, or even an affiliate discount link.

10. ZnapLink – Allows you to track your link clicks and pageviews.

11. WhatsApp Link – Creates customizable WhatsApp links

12. Rebrandly – Helps you shorten, customize links and generate a QR Code.

13. Mention – Not the same as Google alerts. Makes you know who has mentioned your brand.

Photos & Videos Downloader

Tools for saving posts including photos and videos from social media platforms and search engines.

14. Instapaper – Allows you to save Instagram posts in a high-quality context.

15. Snapinsta – Helps you to download Instagram videos and pictures.

16. FDOWN.Net – Helps you to download Facebook videos.

17. TikTok Downloader Online – Helps you to download TikTok videos.

18. Twitter Video Downloader – Helps you to save Twitter videos and photos.

19. Threads Downloader – Helps you to save Threads photos and videos.

20. YT1S – Helps you to download YouTube videos in several formats.

File Conversion (Images, Videos & Documents)

These are tools designed to help convert your images, videos and documents into several formats. Examples include;

21. iLOVEPDF – Helps you to convert Word files into PDFs and vice versa.

22. EZGIF – Helps you convert webp images into other formats such as png, gif and jpg.

23. Free Convert – Helps you convert your videos to MP4, MOV, MKV, and more.

Focus and Distraction Management

These are tools designed to minimize distractions and enhance your focus during work.

24. Cold Turkey – Helps you block distractions like social media, games, apps, Youtube or even the entire internet.

25. Freedom.to – Helps you block distracting websites and apps.

26. Noisli – Customizable background sounds for focus and relaxation.

27. Coffitivity -Simulates cafe sounds to boost creativity and focus.

28. Focus@Will – Offers music and sounds scientifically designed to boost your focus and productivity.

Note-Taking, File Management and Document Collaboration

These are tools for capturing notes, collaborating on documents, and sharing information. Examples include:

29. Evernote – Helps you capture and arrange your ideas.

30. Google Docs – Helps you create, edit and collaborate on online documents.

31. Rev.com – Turn voice notes into texts. Transcribe for captions, podcasts, and meetings.

35. Google Sheets – Helps you create and edit online spreadsheets.

36. Google Form – Helps you create online forms and surveys with multiple question types.

Email Management

Tools to manage and streamline email communication and inbox organization. Examples include

37. Mailchimp (for email campaigns) – helps you talk to your clients, customers and other parties.

38. ConvertKit – Makes it easy to create, send and manage your email marketing campaigns.

Communication and Collaboration Tools

Tools that facilitate real-time communication and collaboration among team members. Examples include:

39. Google Jamboard – Helps you land your team works together on a whiteboard-like interface in real-time.

40. Slack – An instant messaging tool to help you with messages and files.

41. Microsoft Teams – A workspace to help you collaborate, communicate, meet, share files and apps in real-time.

42. Loom – Sounds like Zoom. Helps you record your screen and share with others.

Password Management Tools

Tools to securely store and manage passwords and login information. Examples include

43. LastPass – Protects your private data against hackers, breaches and allows you to store, secure, and autofill your passwords.

44. 1Password – Helps you generate, store, and autofill passwords for all your online accounts, on all your devices.

45. Dashlane – Offers an advanced suite of security for your credentials, helps you protect and access your passwords, payments, and more.

Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

AI-powered tool that assists with tasks, answers queries and automates processes. Example includes

46. ChatGPT – Responds to your questions, composes various written content and offers facts and information.

Financial and Budgeting

These tools are for managing personal and business finances, budgeting, and expense tracking. Examples include

47. Mint – Helps you manage your finances and budget

48. QuickBooks – Helps you automate tasks such as bookkeeping, invoicing, expense tracking and serve as a complete financial management suite.

Online Libraries and Resources

Tools for saving articles, gaining access to ebooks, pdfs and other materials.

49. Gutenberg – Helps you gain access to thousands of free e-books.

50. Pocket (it used to be called Read It Later) – Helps you save links, articles and resources for offline reading at a later time.

Enhance Your Productivity 3x

Each category serves a specific purpose in enhancing productivity, and choosing the right combination of tools can greatly improve your efficiency and organization in both personal and business contexts.

The best practice is to explore each tool and utilize it as it suits your preference. If you are a content creator, you might be interested in our article on 25 Content Creation Tools for Entrepreneurs.


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