How Cyblis Is Creating Job Opportunities For Young Ladies

How Cyblis Is Creating Job Opportunities For Young Ladies
Blessing Awoyera

Blessing Awoyera is the young CEO of Cyblis Company; rising brand providing event staffing and coordination service in the event industry.

According to Awoyera, her journey has not been a smooth ride having at one point went through seasons of financial setbacks, trying to find her feet in life. Today, through patience and hardwork, she has been able to turn start-up challenges to triumph.

The entrepreneur noted she has always believed in women empowerment. Her dream of helping young ladies become financially independent dates back to when she was in school where she had to take up jobs just to support her education.

Narrating her experience, she says the Cyblis brand started from the flair for friendship and empowering young girls to make money from legitimate sources.

“I started providing ushering services at events back in my school days. I had to take up this task to settle bills and meet many other needs. It was my own little way of being financially independent as a student to be able to get things done without relying on my parents for everything”. She said.

Today the story is different. As an agency, they have been able to help scores of ladies harness their potentials in other to be financially independent.

Speaking on business challenges and how she overcame the entrepreneur explained. “Our major setback as a brand at the outset was getting clients and having underpaying clients. As a new agency in a competitive industry, this was one of our major setback.

“You have to keep prospecting for the right people. Truth is, some client take advantage of it and it has being a crazy ride.But we are still pushing on all front”. She noted.

On the role of mentors in her life and business, Awoyera reveals that she has mentors in the industry she is accountable to and have helped her through several aspect of the business.

Describing what makes the brand unique and what are the future plan is to grow the brand. She explains. “Our service delivery, courteous personnel and management is top notch. We are strategically positioned to be able to fulfill our client needs. Our future plan is to extend our services into brand and marketing communications. She concluded.”




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