1st of January 2021, Africa and its People Set Sail the Ship of its Destiny – Carl Oshodi

MSMEs should be the key drivers of AfCFTA Implementation - Carl Oshodi
Carl Oshodi, Group CEO of Africa Industrialization Group Inc.
Now is the time to empower the most important chronicles in our diary, as we progress to accessing new opportunities that started 1st January, 2021.
With highlights from the launch of the AfCFTA by the Africa’s stakeholders, etc.; the urgency is to enable Africa and its peoples to co-create and sharing innovative ideas, technology solutions, products and services that are capable of commercializing and to seamlessly rejig the continent economic prosperity.
The AfCFTA kick-off of trading 1st January 2021 signals a huge opportunity for Africa to automate its creative sector value chain, value proposition and value addition, and to invest in its multiple sector programming to full capacity – wheeled on the rotary of Industry 4.0.
1st January preluded a remarkable event, where Africans world converged, and hungry to see Africa FREE. By 2pm East Africa Time (GMT+3) 1st January, Africa entered into a new phase of trading corridor with a eminent speed of development trajectory.
Why was 1st January very historic in the annals of continent’s development architecture, particularly historic to Africans worldwide?
The AfCFTA launch ceremony was very historic, because it showed that, beyond the pessimism obvious in the characters of post colonial barriers, global economic hit men and critics, Africa had indeed made practical step, forwards in setting up the world’s largest and broadest ‘Single Market’.
This of course have effortlessly shown that Africa and Africans, beyond all reasonable doubts can change the course of its destiny.
The AfCFTA is indeed the ‘Game Changer’.
The joy is that, the already established “single market” that kicked off on the 1st of January, is situated in Africa and this market and its comparative and competitive advantages would be driven by Africans themselves.
It is now clear that Africa’s socio-economic and industrial development vehicle in the realization of inclusive growth and sustainable transformation is set on a strategic course, heading for sustainable impact.
What can be seen from all sides, even from a distance is that Africa indeed made it – our collective fire for ignite and the engine is on full combustion. Let us as African people sustain this reality, hand in hand. Let us develop a mantra and mindset, that it must be Africa First.
Carl Oshodi is the Group CEO of Africa Industrialization Group Inc.


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