5 Reasons to Embrace Creativity in Your Business

5 Reasons to Embrace Creativity in Your Business
Okhipo Ilamosi Faith

Creativity begins with an idea.  It is such a fascinating concept to me because it starts from the mind.  You get to try to solve problems in a novel way.  You may be having some questions in your mind like what is this concept called creativity? And how is it important to my business?   I will answer your questions step by step by first defining what an idea is, because exploring an idea leads to creativity.

An idea is a concept or thought that represent something that can be done, created, or achieved.  You might notice that I emboldened the word create, and this is because the word ‘creativity’ is coined from the word ‘create’.  So what then is creativity?  Creativity is the ability to generate novel and valuable ideas, solutions or insights that are unique and useful.  It can take different forms which include artistic expression, scientific discovery, problem solving and innovation.

Creativity is a complex process that involves both your conscious and unconscious thinking, the results of coming up with different solutions or approaches to problems and ideas is gotten.  Summarily, creativity is a vital aspect of human innovation and progress, and it can contribute to personal growth, well-being, and fulfillment.

Now you understand what creativity is, you are now pondering on why you need creativity in your business.  The following reasons are some of the many reasons why you need creativity in your business.

  1. Problem Solving: Incorporating creativity in your business can help you to identify problems. It can help you in identifying new solutions to business problems or challenges that you may not have considered before.  Some ways in which you can include creativity in your business include: encouraging brainstorming, trying new techniques, using visual etc.
  2. Brand Differentiation: Creativity can help to differentiate your brand by creating a unique and memorable image that resonates with your customers. I recently read a book titled “The Brand Gap-How to Bridge the Distance between Business Strategy and Design” by Marty Neumeier.  He talks about “differentiate” in his discipline one under his five disciplines of brand building. He said that for a brand to differentiate, you need to be different and in being different you need to focus, and by focusing you pass the test of focus.  In passing the test of focus, you answer these three questions: 1) Who are you? 2) What do you do? 3) Why does it matter?  You can try answering these questions and see if your business passes the focus test, and yes the link to downloading the EBook will be attached at the end of this article, so please read on.
  3. Innovation: Creativity allows for generation of new ideas, and this idea generation can lead to development of innovative products, services and processes and this can help to give your business a competitive edge.
  4. Customer satisfaction: Creative solutions can help your business to meet or even exceed customers’ expectations, and this leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  5. Overall success: When you include creativity in your business. It can contribute to the success, growth and profitability by enabling your business to stay ahead of your competitors and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

In summary, creativity is a valuable asset in business, allowing businesses to be more adaptable and successful, in a constantly evolving and competitive market.  The question now is, dear change maker, will you be incorporating creativity in your business?  I will urge you to take time to reflect on this question, and take action(s) where necessary.  Till when next I write, stay safe.

Okhipo Ilamosi Faith, a.k.a. Ilams is a lover of God.  She sees herself as a thriving creative with interests in graphics design, telecommunications, writing etc.  She loves watching movies, meeting new people, going to new places, and learning new things.   She impacts lives through sharing useful opportunities to grow and volunteering.


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