5 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for Business

By Olusanya Tolulope

5 ways to leverage LinkedIn for business

Social media has offered numerous opportunities which businesses have leveraged to advance business productivity, collaboration and development.  Amongst them, LinkedIn stands out, as it offers more business enabled interface and systems in a corporate way.

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media tools for business. It provides insight into how other organizations operate, allows for extensive networking opportunities and provides a platform to showcase your professional knowledge and expertise. If you’re a business owner, LinkedIn also provides numerous avenues to create brand awareness, attract the best talent and engage with consumers. To better help you take advantage of LinkedIn, we have identified five ways to leverage LinkedIn for your business.

  1. Optimized Workforce Profiles

One of the most important features of LinkedIn is the individual profile. Profiles are at the heart of LinkedIn, and that’s why it’s imperative to ensure everyone in your organization has an updated, accurate profile. Remember, your workforce represents your organization as a whole and your business too. It quickly gives useful insight to what your person and business is. It’s the easiest way to gain attention on LinkedIn.

  1. Network 

LinkedIn was launched in early 2003 for the purpose of professional networking. Because of this foundation, the platform is best leveraged by those who wish to build a network of colleagues, thought leaders and industry professionals. With this in mind, it’s critical you make it a point to identify potential connections and grow your LinkedIn network. Search and connect with people in the same business niche with you, reach out to thought leaders, include your LinkedIn profile link in your email. Network!

  1. Optimize Your Company Page

First and foremost, be sure to have an official company page on LinkedIn. The next step is to populate your page with relevant, interesting and engaging content. A dynamic image for your home page, current job listings in the “Careers” tab and comprehensive information under “Services” will help your company stand out. In addition, it’s highly recommended to consistently share company news and relevant articles in company page updates.

4. Participate in Relevant Groups

You want to put your brand out there on LinkedIn, then participate in relevant groups. One of the easiest ways to create brand awareness on LinkedIn – other than paying for ads – is to join and regularly participate in relevant groups. Provide insight, ask questions and showcase your business’ assets in a variety of groups.

  1. Start a Group

Once you’ve been actively engaging with groups, you might consider starting one of your own. Do not simply create a group using the name of your organization. Instead, consider where there might be a gap in your industry. Provide useful information and a space that welcomes those in your target audience. Invest time into building and cultivating your group. Over time, this investment will pay off if you can successfully engage new customers.


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