Call for Applications: ALC x Microsoft 4Afrika Skillslab Program

ALC x Microsoft 4Afrika Skillslab Program

Microsoft is partnering with Andela to run an ALC x Microsoft 4Afrika Skillslab Program to upskill 3000 technology final year tertiary students and fresh graduates with knowledge in advanced technologies; DevOps and artificial intelligence (AI) in readiness for potential employment opportunities and increased productivity.

This program is open to anyone looking to grow their Azure software development skills and excited to learn with a community of technologists. At the end of the program, we expect that you would have:

1. Developed readily employable and instantly productive knowledge and skills(digital and auxiliary workplace) to remain relevant in the 21st century.

2. Be equipped with the right skill sets that would see you work on emerging technologies through a well-coordinated learning program path.

3. Earn a Microsoft Certification by completing learning resources allocated to this program.

To be eligible for screening and advance to the Learning Phase of this program you must have completed this form by February 12, 2021

Apply HERE


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