Call for Applications: Okra Super Power Grant ($50,000)

Okra Super Power Grant ($50,000)

Okra Solar is an innovative IoT technology provider which has deployed Solar Home Systems across Nigeria, Haiti, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Cambodia. Okra Solar has existing partnerships with the World Bank, UNDP, and EU. Super Power Offer will bring together leading energy utilities in partnership with innovative technology to unlock the potential rural electrification.

Super Power Grant 
The grant will award up to $50,000 USD which will assist project developers in deploying an Okra project. The intention of the grant is to enable the developer to experience rolling out Okra Technology under a sustainable business model.

Note: As part of the Super Power Grant, the minimum project size is 50 households as part of this Grant. Larger projects are encouraged.

In addition to the cash financing, Okra has a partnership with GetInvest EU who will be working to evaluate successful pilots for scale-up funding.

The Okra technology is also eligible for REA OBF subsidies from the NEP program, so in addition to the $50,000 grant funding from Okra, developers will be eligible for additional OBF funding. Preference will be given to companies looking for long-term (3-5 years) partnerships with Okra Solar.

This Expression of Interest (EOI) is to join our approved network of partners and will only need to be completed once. All shortlisted organizations will be contacted to enter into discussion with respect to the launching of due diligence.

Read our EOI Document here

Please complete the Expression of Interest  by 1st November 2021

Apply HERE


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