Earnipay introduce earnings system to assist Salary Earners

LAUNCH: From Left – Adedotun Adegbite, Marketing/Comms Manager; Busayo-Onome Oyetunji, Chief Operating Officer; Nonso Onwuzulike, Chief executive Officer; Chioma Nwandiko, Product Manager, and Joshua Ajayi, Chief Technology Officer, all of Earnipay at the launch of the company’s new financial education product – MINT and other savings opportunities in Lagos

A financial service provider company, Earnipay, has succeeded in its efforts to ensure salary earners thrive beyond the norm through its innovative and flexible on-demand access, to earned salaries by the addition of financial education products — MINT and other savings opportunities, against the usual scenarios where salary earners often run out of money between paydays.

Earnipay provides employers the opportunity to offer employees access to their earned salaries instantly at any time without altering the existing payment process. For as low as N250, it says employees are able to withdraw up to 50 per cent of their daily earned salary or as it accrues at the time of access, at any time of the month, and at no interest to them.

Nonso Onwuzulike, the founder and CEO of Earnipay, spoke at a press conference about the organization’s significant achievements. He said that by creating a network of tools and an ecosystem that helps people access money more quickly and make better financial decisions, Earnipay ensures that salary earners have better control over their finances.

He stated that his company is committed to ensuring financial security for all Nigerian wage earners and added that since its launch in January 2022, it has given employees access to flexible salaries up to N100 million. By the end of 2022, he expects their services to be available to 200 000 employees, positively advancing Nigeria’s socio-economic agenda.

He said: “We are ready to go all the way with employers to improve the livelihood of their employees and ultimately facilitate a better employee-employer relationship”.

“Employers need to build their reputation as businesses that care and the imperative to demonstrate this empathy is premised on the fact that the traditional payday structure has become largely ineffective in employee welfare and development.

“Earnipay empowers businesses to attract and retain top talent in an increasingly competitive employee marketplace, improve team’s productivity and eliminate the financial stress that holds back employees from performing optimally on their jobs without any disruption to payroll structure and systems.”

Busayo Onome-Oyetunji, the firm’s chief operating officer, highlighted that the company has over 40 employers with whom it is working and raving reviews of how this ground-breaking product has aided people in their hour of greatest need.

“Top management and HR leaders share the exciting testimonies of their employees upon using Earnipay, they are pleasantly surprised at the extent of value they get from using Earnipay, it has become an essential tool for everyday living,” she said.


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