Fearless Energy Drink Powers Thrilling Season of Fast and Furious 10 Movie Premiere

Fearless Energy Drink Powers A Thrilling Season Of Fast and Furious 10 Movie Premiere
The number 1 best selling Energy Drink; “ Fearless” from the stable of Rite
Foods Limited has again, demonstrated its unwavering commitment to
the entertainment industry with its sponsorship of the premiere of the
season 10 of Furious Movie at the Silverbird Cinemas in Lagos.
The movie premiere which was held on Wednesday, 17 May, 2023, was well
attended by top-notch celebrities who applauded the Fearless Energy
drink brand for promoting entertainment with a giant stride.
The thrilling experience was ignited by Rite Foods’ exclusive partnership
with Silverbird Cinemas, where guests were energized and refreshed by
the award-winning Fearless energy drink. With this experience, guests
were rejuvenated to become more audacious and adventurous in
activating their dreams to attain success.
On the sponsorship, Assistant Brand Manager; Fearless Energy Drink,
Kanyinsola Sangowawa, affirmed that it consolidates the brand’s pursuit
for positioning itself as a propeller to its consumers being brave and bold
alongside other attributes that inspire courage to dare and engage in
daring activities. Amidst the rationale for the sponsorship, Sangowawa
further stated that Fearless Energy Drink intends to utilise the
sponsorship amongst other marketing activities, to reaffirm the Fearless
Energy Drink’s brand equity-building strategies as a market leader.
Sangowawa further stated that the sponsorship is also a sampling ground
for consumers to be able to taste the unique quality of the Fearless brand
while enjoying their favourite movies with family and friends.Commenting on the support by the leading energy drink, Nollywood Movie
Producer, Andrian Abisogun, applauded the brand for adding colour to the
event and for the immense support to the entertainment sector, as well as
the energy it provides to viewers at the cinema.

It was indeed a pleasant moment as consumers of the Fearless range of
flavours attested to the distinctiveness of the brand while having delightful
experiences watching the Fast and Furious movie, as well as the fun
created at the brand’s stand with various mixes.
This and other sponsorship initiatives were responsible for the laurel
earned by the brand as the “Most Outstanding Energy Drink Brand of the
Year,” in 2021, thus placing it ahead of others in its category. It was
adjudged as the leading brand because of its inventiveness and numerous
contributions to the industry, talent promotion, idea-preneurship, and
societal development.


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