How our Slow Body Movement Program Helps to Ensure Wellness and Vitality – Ebenezer Ajayi

Our goal is to improve our client's vitality and wellness through daily lifestyle choices that promote balance and harmony with nature.

Ebenezer Idowu Olatunbosun (File Photo, MSME Africa)

Ebenezer Idowu Olatunbosun is the Acting Head of Department of Biochemistry, Osun State University, Osogbo. He collaborates with seasoned researchers to facilitate STEM Education across Africa, South America and Asia. He takes a dive into the exquisite nature of his business and the essence(s) of his specialty.

Kindly introduce us to who you are and the nature of your business.

My name is Ebenezer Idowu Olatunbosun Ajayi. I am from Ùsì Èkìtì, Èkìtì State. At the moment, I am an under-40 STEMpreneur (bio-, edu- and healthpreneur) with Biochemistry background as follows: B.Sc. (Hons) (UNAD), M.Sc. (UI), Ph.D. (UI, utilising the 2008 Ekiti State Indigenous Ph.D., 2009 The World Academy of Science, Italy-Department of Biotechnology, India Ministry of Fertilizer; and the 2012 Nigeria Tertiary Education Trust Fund for Academic Staff Training & Development fellowships) and Postdoc (IMMF-UNC, utilising the 2017 Argentina Ministry of Science, Technology & Productive Innovation CONICET Fellowship). I am currently the Acting Head of Department of Biochemistry at the Osun State University, Osogbo.

For the love of science appreciation among the youths, I facilitate STEM education with like-minded collaborators across Argentina, Australia, Cameroun, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Sudan, USA with a focus on research-to-market applications of SDG-relevant products and services. Through research, classes, talks, seminars, workshops, trainings; sales of wellness supplements and equipment, I promote net zero poverty (SDG 1), net zero hunger (SDG 2), quality education (SDG 4), gender equality (SDG 5), net zero unemployment (SDG 8), climate action (SDG 13) including net zero carbon emission/carbon neutrality, and of course global partnership (SDG 17), without leaving anyone behind.

What are the goals, mission and vision of your business?

We are an education and health consultancy iR+D SME. Our goal is to improve our client’s vitality and wellness through daily lifestyle choices that promote balance and harmony with nature. See –

You have such a prolific background and profile. Kindly give us a brief history of your career in relation to Ebelola Bioenergetic solutions?

Thank you very much. Like many people, I do not like dis-ease. As a young boy, I thought that so long as we eat good food, the body would be healthy, we would be in the right frame of mind to study, to work, to exercise and to go about our daily lives. So I desired to become an Agricultural Engineer so that I could provide mechanical tools to boost food production. Later on, I realized that there was no medical doctor in near sight within my family, whereas there were many family members in the different areas of engineering already. Therefore I changed my mind to study medicine, and hoped to become a paediatric neurosurgeon. Well, in the end, I went on to study Biochemistry, and now I lead research in diabetes complications and infectious diseases.

To fulfill my desire for a holistic lifestyle, I took up the practice of a few martial and chi arts, including taekwondo, taichi, qigong, reiki/energy medicine and the traditional chinese medicine. I started learning them during my research visit to India.

I also love to make money. I remember that as a boy, among other efforts of innovation and entrepreneurship, I would mould hot plates from clay, fix heating elements, wire, plug and offer them for sale.

At this point now, while I keep building on the structure on ground, I appreciate that I have been able to harmonise all the things I love to do. I call it STREEAAMMIEbeyondSTEM program of the Ebelola Bioenergetic Solutions. It encompasses Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Education, Agriculture, Arts, Mathematics, Medicine, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

With the world edging towards biotech solutions, kindly expose us further to future prospects of Ebelola Bioenergetic Solutions?

You are correct. The future is tech. So for biotech, like the rest of the tech hybrids, it is AI- and IoT-driven. And for us at the Ebelola Bioenergetic Solutions, we are deploying easy and user-friendly equipment for our service delivery. For instance, at our present level of MSME, we use point-of-care, bioinformatics diagnostic tools and a set of holographic reflexology/acupressure equipment (mostly brands of Kedi Healthcare Nigeria Ltd) that use high frequency vibration, efficient biomagnetism and heat infrared technologies for treatment. These provide safe, non-invasive and efficient healthcare services to our clients. We combine these with supplements and health-promoting self-paced exercises to restore and maintain health. As part of our indigenous biotech solutions involving cell culture, we locally produce adult bovine serum and modified Eagle’s medium for education and research purposes. We hope to scale these soon.

What does your business bring differently to the ecosystem of service providers?

We have designed a health program called the Slow Body Movements for Wellness and Vitality. It is available as a hybrid program based on taichi, qigong and bagua practices that synchronize breath, movement and intention in a guided manner to strengthen internal and vital organs according to the ancient Dao’s (Nature’s) Ying and Yang principles.

With practicable advice on sleep, diet, exercise, breathing, meditation, and prescription of herbal supplements, we are able to deliver efficient treatment plans to our clients.

What are the biggest challenges to being an entrepreneur and how have you been able to overcome them?

The challenges can be many, including electricity, taxation, inflation, pricing of goods and services, publicity, staff recruitment, customer retention, exchange rate, book keeping, and of course combining startup with a regular job, among others. To overcome the challenges, I rely on the use of generating set, joined a trusted traditional chinese medicine company (Kedi Healthcare Nigeria Ltd) for leverage, go to the marketplace where everyday people facing health challenges can be found, get online presence using the available social media marketing options, attend startup/business schools, and for now recruited minimal staff, while providing leadership for my team members in the Kedi multilevel marketing distributorship. I also remain passionate, resilient, and very committed to our clients.


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