How SMEs Can Navigate Social Media in 2021

How SMEs Can Navigate Social Media in 2021
Bukola Adebayo

The social media has come to stay no doubt and has become a tool of business leveraged by many small business owners for several purposes.

According to Bukola Adebayo, CEO Teema Consult and Social Media Content Expert, Social media marketing has more than 60% rate of success than any other marketing strategy.

Bukola, a consultant to small business owners, said SMEs should not overlook the power of social media for the success of their busineses.

“As small business owners looking to navigate Social Media in 2021, the first thing You need to Know is your audience. You must identify who your audience is. Where they are likely to spend most of their time? Know what their interest and pains are so you can be well positioned to solve their problems.”

As a business owner you must do a marketing research to be able to know whether your attention should be either on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

According to the digital expert, she explained that answering these questions will let one know which platform to start and focus on consistently.

For example, while Instagram users fall between the ages 25-35,Facebook users are more of ages 13-65 etc.

The next thing you want to do after choosing the best platform that works for you is creating your brand. Your brand must appeal to your audience.

Branding means the perception your audience have about you. They must be able to tell whether you are selling luxury or not. People should perceive luxury in your brand communication if you really are a luxury brand.

Are you selling kids Products? People should perceive fun, innocence, love in your branding.

Branding includes your business name, logo, colour, mission and your promise to deliver. Your colour, logo and so on are the silent ambassadors of your brand.

When someone first comes in contact with your platforms on social media, your branding gives the first and lasting impression. Be intentional about every details of your branding including your colour. Colour Evoke Emotions in people’s mind, use colours that best suit your brand.

The next thing after branding is to create awareness for your brand. This can be done through free and paid means. Join Facebook Groups. Ask for repost on Instagram,Run Paid Facebook/Instagram Advert Etc. Create Content. Remember, Content Is King. Content helps you become an authority in your niche.

Video Content is the next big thing in 2021. Tiktok, Instagram Reels and others. Your contents can either be entertaining, informative or Educative. All These types of content should be used to promote your business.

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