Hustle Mobile Unveils Multi-Vendor Marketplace app


E-Commerce tech company, Hustle Mobile, is set to unveil its multi-vendor market place App, Hustle, for business owners in the sales and services sectors.

Hustle, which is available for Android and iOS users, would help businesses increase their earnings.

According to Managing Partner, Hustle Mobile, David Samuel, the business solution efficiently and seamlessly connects customers through the Hustle App with sellers within geo-range through the Hustle Sellers and with partner riders through the Hustle Drivers App.

“With a focus on providing easy delivery of essential products and services, the on-demand Multi-Vendor Marketplace app is useful for a range of activities including shopping, logistics and car hire, among others.

“Hustle Mobile App ensures ease of buying and delivery by having fewer processes and affordable delivery option, all in one. Our map functionality allows customers’ orders to be delivered to their customers/clients in real-time,” a statement quoted Samuel to have added.

He disclosed that users are set for a good time with a dedicated team of professionals overseeing operations to ensure seamless transactions.

“We have a team of experienced professionals who have demonstrated comprehensive process know-how, a proven implementation record and a team with international exposure led by an experienced entrepreneur to ensure that Hustle can respond to customer’s needs and create value for clients and partners,” he added.

The uniquely designed Hustle App incorporates text, embedded graphics, photo, video, audio and code that displays content and enhances user interaction.

Apart from being user friendly and customisable for different uses, Hustle’s upload time of between two to five seconds using a connection speed of 1GB is very fast.

“Businesses are going digital for both sales and services and our design enables users to choose from a small selection of screens to visit, provide clear navigation and labels for the screens where navigation tabs take you and tell visitors where they currently are and how to get back,” Samuel further explained.

The mobile platform also includes a live functionality operated live between customers and riders, and riders and sellers.

Ahead of its official unveiling, Samuel advised business owners to take advantage by signing up promptly.

“Hustlers, if you have a business sign up on We are giving the first 50 businesses free sign up, low commission rates and free delivery.”

Other features of the Hustle App include search engine optimisation, online payment integration, business intelligence and reporting, and a monthly uptime of 99.9 per cent thereby drastically reducing downtime.



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