ITEX announces 5-Day Zero Transaction Fees for PoS agents

ITEX announces 5-Day Zero Transaction Fees for PoS agents
ITEX announces 5-Day Zero Transaction Fees for PoS agents

Nigeria’s leading fintech company, ITEX Integrated Services, has announced zero-rated transaction fees to appreciate its Point-of-Sales (PoS) agents nationwide for the next five days for the patience and trust they demonstrated during the period of the network downtime the organisation encountered earlier last week.

This is consistent with the organization’s fundamental value proposition, which centers on giving small company owners the tools they need to succeed despite the strangling economic obstacles their companies face.

Chief Executive Officer of Itex Integrated Services, Ernest Uduje, while commenting on the recent occurrence and offered his heartfelt apologies to the PoS operators while also pointing out that the organization’s financial services have been fully restored.

“We as an organisation tender our sincere apology to our critical stakeholders, particularly our PoS Agents, as we are fully aware of how the technical glitches, we encountered have impacted their business operations.

“On this premise, we have zero-rated the transaction fees for our agents to enable them to minimize the losses they encountered over the week.

“This is in line with our core principles which strive to support the growth and development of businesses across Nigeria,” he said.

Itex Integrated Services is an innovative fintech company that deploys both simplified and secured payment solutions tailored to cater to both businesses and individuals across the African continent.


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