Kwik launches Kwikstore, an easy-to-use e-commerce platform to help African entrepreneurs create online stores


Today, Kwik ( expands its digital service offering with the launch of KwikStore – adding another exciting service to an already sensational offering for African business owners and social providers.

KwikStore is a free e-commerce storefront solution that allows any African business owner, trader, social vendor entrepreneur and SME to create their own online store in literally 5 minutes without any technical knowledge and run their business directly from their smartphone.

Social vendors can link their KwikStores to their social media accounts, automating sales, fulfilment, inventory management and shipping, freeing them to focus on sales and marketing. KwikStore is a free-to-use feature of the Kwik Delivery app and does not require any upfront payment or service fees other than standard payment gateway fees.

Merchants can fully customize their KwikStore to match their brand. Once the order is approved by the merchant, payment is automatically processed through the payment partners and the Kwik rider is automatically dispatched to the pickup location; or the order can be picked up directly by the customer.

KwikStore requires a Kwik account, but can be used independently of the Kwik Delivery platform, allowing merchants to use the delivery solution of their choice or sell anywhere in Africa, in areas not yet covered by the Kwik Delivery platform.

“KwikStore is a milestone in Kwik’s establishment as a one-stop shop for African traders to manage and grow their business from their smartphoneRomain Poirot-LELIG, founder and CEO of Kwik, said. “We will continue to expand our offering of innovative digital services aimed at enabling African merchants to grow their businesses with all the benefits that technology brings.»

“We are very proud to have developed KwikStore in Nigeria with our growing software development team“, says Olivier DECROCK, co-founder and CTO of Kwik. “Kwik is firmly committed to building its development potential in the country.”

Kwik was founded in 2018 to provide innovative online delivery, fulfillment and payment services to African merchants.

More information about KwikStore can be found HERE.


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