Lagos Trade Fair 2022 will attract Foreign Investments, Promote SMEs — LCCI

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According to the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), the Lagos International Trade Fair (LITF) in 2022 will serve as a one-stop shop for promoting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as domestic and international companies, to achieve trade, commerce, industry, and investment in the real sector of the economy.

During a media discussion on the Lagos International Trade Fair, Vice President and Chairman of the LCCI’s Trade Promotion Board, Engr. Leye Kupoluyi made the comments regarding the preparations being made to host the best trade fair ever.

Nigerian SMEs, according to Kupoluyi, are anticipated to take center stage in B2B (Business to Business) in an effort to display their products, as the SME is still the country’s real sector of the economy.

In addition, he noted that 13 African nations had so far expressed a desire to attend this year’s LITF and visit Nigeria to exhibit their goods, recognizing that Nigeria serves as the continent’s economic and trade hub.

He also mentioned that significant, influential international organizations from the United States, the United Kingdom, the Republic of China, India, and other countries will be present at the 2022 Fair.

“Regarding the SMEs, LITF is actually for the SMEs, we create platform for them to meet international and the African businesses and be able to connect. That is the purpose of LITF. That is why we created B2B (Business to Business) so that they can sit down and talk business. So, we are inviting SMEs businesses in Nigeria to come to LITF. If you have not sold much this year,  LITF is your best bet opportunity to sell your goods. We have consumers, visitors that are coming to buy products. That is the hallmark of LITF. Like I said, the SMEs are always there to showcase their businesses.

On the international organisations participation in the LITF, Kupoluyi said; “Platforms we are having for this year’s Lagos international trade fair is big enough to accommodate local and international business owners. For example, the fair ground is about 40, 000 square metres where any business can actually thrive for excellence. For international organisations, we have been having continuous engagement with them through which we can actually bring them to the platform so that they can actually thrive in terms of excellence through what they do as a business forum.

“We had a meeting with the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. They are actually proposing of bringing about 30 organisations into this platform and also, we have been consistently having continuous engagement with international organisations through their marketing agencies they also want to be on this platform as well.

“This year’s LITF is going to be mind blowing and it’s going to be different from what we have been having and is going to promote trade, Commerce and investment in the real sector of the economy,” he said.


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