LCCI to Host ICTEL Expo 2020 on September 22 & 23, 2020


The ICTEL Expo is organized by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Established in 1888, the LCCI is the premier chamber of commerce in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The ICTEL EXPO gives a 360 view of the ICT and Telecom  Industry, providing top visibility to sweeping trends and  innovations as well as an excellent networking opportunity for  business decision makers, innovation managers, enterprise  solution providers, start-ups, ICT academics, OEMs, investors and  other players in the ICT and Telecoms sectors (indigenous and  foreign).

The virtual event is designed to provide you with an open door into the latest innovations, implementations, interactive exhibition and strategies to drive businesses forward.

With linkages with national and international networks and partners, the LCCI provides a breadth of expertise and experience rarely found in a single organization.

ICTEL Expo virtual event works to a great extent as our face-to-face events, with lots of the physical features moving across to the  digitised experience, empowering you to boost your brand reach , intensify your message, targeted business leads you probably  won’t make otherwise.

Enrolled participants will join our protected platform from anywhere in the world by signing in through a tablet, PC or mobile  device. Once they are connected, they can pick which exhibitors to visit and talk to, which conference, masterclass session they want to watch, which arranged supplier demos and what transformations to seek after.

Virtual events remove potential barriers and enable individuals within the market, from across the region and beyond, to join the conversation and engage with their industry peers online.

Registration for the expo can be done HERE



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