Mentoring Her Pitchathon offering 1million Loan each for 5 finalists, Cash Prizes, Coaching, Advisory Support, Other benefits


Mentoring Her Pichathon is for females who have business ideas that they would like to share with the world or are looking to scale their business, increase their network and give the business a makeover.

Mentoring Her Pitchathon is an opportunity for them to pitch their business to top female industry leaders to get their buy-in, advice and support during a virtual pitch day.


  • Cash prize for top 5 finalists
  • Access to business loans
  • Coaching and Mentorship Opportunity
  • Executive training from Lagos Business School
  • Business advisory support for your business
  • Free legal consultation
  • Free professional headshots
  • PR opportunities


  • Women who have a business idea, or current business, product or service
  • Business is at least 50% owned by a Nigerian woman
  • Early stage business 0-2years
  • At least 18 years old

How to participate:

  • Sign up to join Mentoring Her(it’s free and easy to join)
  • Complete the Pitchathon Application form HERE
  • Follow @mentoringheron all social media platforms
  • Like this post
  • Repost on social media using the hashtag #mentoringherpitchathonDEADLINE- September 30th


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