MSMEDA partnering to promote Youths’ Products Globally – Gamea

MSMEDA partnering to promote Youths' Products Globally - Gamea
Minister of Industry and Trade of Egypt & CEO of Egyptian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (MSMEDA) - Navine Gamea

Egypt – Minister of Industry and Trade of Egypt & CEO of Egyptian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (MSMEDA), Nevine Gamea has reaffirmed the agency’s steadfast desire to advance elements of economic and commercial integration with Arab nations, exchange knowledge to support the small project sector generally, and work to advance the handicraft and heritage sector specifically.

Gamea stated that a number of owners of heritage projects who are clients of the agency are participating in the activities of the 23rd edition of the International Salon of Handicrafts (SIAT 2022) that is being held in Algeria from 24 November to 2 December, in line with the agency’s efforts to involve the owners of these projects in various local and regional exhibitions to help them market their products.

She emphasised that the agency works in collaboration with regional partners and the relevant authorities in neighbouring nations to provide various forms of financial and technical support for handicraft and heritage projects and to assist their owners in developing their products due to the importance of their contribution to the provision of numerous, decent, and stable employment opportunities for women and young people as well as the expression of ancient Egyptian identity.

Gamea claimed that the state’s interest and directives to sponsor and support this industry stem from its capacity to create a large number of jobs, particularly in other governorates and Upper Egypt, and from the fact that heritage products are a valuable source of income for many nations, meaning that this kind of product has both high marketing potential in Egypt and is needed on a global scale.

The agency’s participation in this exhibition comes in implementation of what was agreed upon between Gamea and Yassin Hammadi — Algeria’s Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts — which is to enhance coordination and cooperation between the two sides and exchange experiences, especially with regard to supporting handicrafts and heritage and increasing their competitive capabilities, supporting owners of heritage projects in Egypt and Algeria, and providing opportunities for their participation in major exhibitions held in the two countries.

The SIAT is considered one of the largest international exhibitions in this field and annually witnesses the participation of many Arab, African, and European countries, which gives the participants the opportunity to learn about the cultures and products of the participating countries and to conclude mutual and complementary deals.

The MSMEDA’s youth are participating in the exhibition with a variety of and distinctive handicraft products, including tents, carpets, copper, home accessories, shell products, leather products, and silk painting. On their part, the Algerian Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts and the Algerian Minister of Culture praised the quality of the products of the MSMEDA’s youth.


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