Steps To Writing A Winning Business Brief

Starting Your Startup with Ihotu Eritosin-Gregory

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Starting Your Startup with Ihotu Eritosin-Gregory

A business brief can be seen as a mini business plan or project introduction that gives a good
summary of what that business or idea is about in a few words. When a business brief is used, it is expected that the information within it is clear and concise enough to give a wholesome understanding of that business or idea.
1. Start with the introduction or abstract; be precise and straight to the point.
2. State the business idea and its justification (answer the why; the reason for the
business or idea).
3. Explain your entrepreneurial activities so far; market research, surveys, planning stage
4. Explain briefly how engagement has helped shape your brief; action learning, industry
experts, media influence, and other contributors.
5. List your top 3 competitors and why in a table/chart/graph and place yourself within it
showing your edge.
6. Include the SMART objectives: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic &
7. Show the expected Growth metrics.
8. Financials and funding; explain with figures what you have, what you need, and how
you hope to get it.
9. A few lines for reflections on what you learned during the process of writing the brief is
commendable but not compulsory.
10. An appendix may show how it will be monitored/evaluated. This isn't compulsory in a brief but shows diligence.
11. Remember to reference if you used multiple sources.
12. Don’t forget the non-disclosure agreement, cover page, page numbers, and
“confidential” watermark.
13. Add some color with pictures and graphs that are relevant to the brief.
14. Keep your Business Brief as brief as possible. 10 pages is a good start.
15. Sign off with contact details ensuring you can be reached!

Remember, a business brief is meant to leave the reader with the desire to know more but with enough information to make a decision.


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