Sterling Bank’s ‘One Partner’ will enable Entrepreneurs, other customers earn passive income


Customers of Sterling Bank Plc now have the benefit of enjoying passive monthly income courtesy of the bank’s ‘One Partner’ programme.

Targeted at entrepreneurs and upwardly mobile young Nigerians and those in the diaspora, the programme allows customers generate a second income by referring their family and network of friends to use unique Sterling Bank products.

Divisional Head, Retail and Consumer Banking, Sterling Bank, Mr. Shina Atilola, disclosed this in a statement saying, the initiative offers Nigerians a taste of truly passive income.

“Joining the One Partner Programme will ensure consistent and long-term income for customers on each newly introduced relationship. So, the more people a customer refers, the more each customer gets paid on their monthly balances for up to five years! The possibilities are truly limitless despite the times,” he enthused.

Atilola added: “One Partner Programme could also serve as a source of income for employed persons who have a good network. Obviously, everyone does have a network in their social, religious, and other cycles. The programme is providing a platform for people to use their networks to improve their net worth.”

He further disclosed that the referral scheme is targeted at self-driven and passionate individuals who can leverage their relationships to create value. Such individuals could be entrepreneurs, professionals, ex-bankers, community leaders, civil servants, and pensioners, among others.

The One Partner Programme is also open to non-Sterling customers, and it is an easy-to-register scheme. The prospect would simply download the new Sterling OneBank app, to first open an account, then go on to register as a referrer in the accounts section. Once the new partner gets his/her referral code, they share with their network who will use this unique code in opening their own accounts, and the ‘sales’ are essentially mapped to their efforts and they are paid accordingly.



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