Tips for Human Resources Management for MSMEs

By Olusanya Tolulope

Tips for Human Resources Management for MSMEs

Human resource is a very important aspect any business. Business runs with people, on people and by people. Human resources management is a dedicated department in a company that covers activities, experiences and satisfaction of employees. The department stands as an interface and middleman between the company and its employees. Even for small business with few employees, the human resources management still remains as important as it is for their larger counterparts. Human resources management also categorically includes finding and retaining the right talents that are instrumental to the achievement of the business goals. Just like every other sector in business, HR (as mostly called) has its challenges too, but most of these challenges can be tackled following the tips we have provided below.

  1. Stay organized: HR deals with files and official documents related to each of the employees. The department is in custody of personal and business document that can deter processes if mishandled. Either as an HR person or a business owner handling HR personally, being organized would be the most cherished trait to look out for or gain for maximum productivity.
  2. Be objective and firm: HR Managers are always dealing with sensitive and critical issues like sexual harassment, division, discrimination and disputes among employees, it takes being objective and firm to be able to give proper justice to each of this issue.  There is a lot of pressure from different angles to give a judgement on an issue when there’s a grey area, and it is important to know when assertive decisions are to be made or when to invite another party to tackle such issue. In these cases, it’s helpful to hone skills of negotiation and mediation and to learn how to manage conflict because not every case is easily resolved or resolution accepted by all parties.
  3. Be ethical: It is necessary to embrace ethics and professionalism as an HR person or business owner who handles HR issues. There are times when protecting an employee is sane and logical and there are times this becomes unethical and detrimental. HR demands empathy, however not at the detriment of the business or company’s policies. HR requires toughness at times in order to coordinate and ensure the smooth running of the business.
  4. Communication: When we talk about humans then you must know communication is paramount. There are communication channels and hierarchy in  structured organizations that must be dully adhered to. In order to keep everyone on the same page, the HR person communicates to every employee in the company, or as a business owner handling the HR of his/her business, he communicates with every party involved in the running of the business.



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