Tomide Orji simplifies CAC Registration Processes for Nigerian Businesses and Entrepreneurs


Every business operating or purporting to operate in Nigeria is required to be registered with the CAC. Businesses who are required to be registered as business names, are by law, required to register, at most, twenty-eight (28) days from the time they begin to operate as business in Nigeria.

MSME Africa in its weekly Enterprise Chat webinar discusses the topic of Business Incorporation for Entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

What are the possible consequences of the failure to register an MSME in Nigeria today? 

What are the pros and cons of CAC Business Registration? 

How easy is it to get a business registered in Nigeria?

What are the processes involved in registering my business?

These are questions begging for answers on the lips of Startup entrepreneurs and other category business owners.

Guest Entrepreneur and Lead Consultant of PATFORD LTD, Tomide Orji enlightens Entrepreneurs on the topic “CAC Registration a Prerequisite to Gaining Access to the Global Market” and other salient issues surrounding business registration.

Click here to watch the full interview. 


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