Tony Elumelu Pledges to fight Poverty and Inspire Prosperity in Nigeria

Tony Elumelu Pledge to fight Poverty and Inspire Prosperity in Nigeria
Tony Elumelu

In a compelling stance against the growing specter of poverty within Nigeria, Tony Elumelu, a prominent billionaire investor, has underscored the gravity of this issue, stating unequivocally that poverty anywhere within the country poses a threat to everyone.

In a candid address shared on the social media platform X, Elumelu emphasized the vital role of private sector leaders in fostering innovation, fueling investments, and creating employment opportunities. These efforts, he contended, are crucial for lifting individuals out of poverty.

Elumelu’s commitment to poverty alleviation led him and his wife, Dr. Awele Elumelu, to commit a staggering $100 million towards democratizing and empowering the nation’s youth. Their initiative involves granting an annual non-refundable sum of $5,000 as seed capital to each beneficiary, a program that has already reached over 18,000 young individuals.

Elumelu clarified the motivation behind this substantial contribution, stating that it wasn’t born out of mere abundance but rather a deep-seated desire to spread prosperity and contribute to making the world a better and safer place for all. He firmly declared, “Poverty anywhere is a threat to all of us everywhere.”

Elumelu emphasized that the ultimate solution to insecurity and extremism lies in eradicating poverty and fostering prosperity. Urgently supporting this cause is paramount, and he encouraged everyone to play their part in this critical endeavor.

Expressing his profound connection to Nigeria, Elumelu acknowledged that his success is intrinsically linked to the nation, and he stressed the importance of honoring and respecting the country’s authority. He implored the need to build a nation that serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, not just for Nigerians or Africans but for the entire global black community.

In his resolute commitment to combating poverty and nurturing prosperity, Tony Elumelu stands as a beacon of change, dedicated to forging a brighter future for all.


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