5 ways to Leverage the Festive Season as a Small Business

5 ways to Leverage the Festive Season as a Small Business
By Tolulope Olusanya

It is the festive season and everyone is taking advantage of it. We have curated 5 tips on how small businesses can easily leverage the festive season to scale their sales before the year runs out.

  1. Create a promotional product: This is a period you need to get attention because purchasing tendencies of customers are high at the festive period especially when cheaper deals are around. If your business deals with selling goods, create a festive package at a discounted price if it is a service, serve out a promotional package offer at a relatively lower price.
  2. Run targeted ads: Even when you give your product or service for free, the chance of people getting to know is slim unless you promote your offer using different online marketing strategy, you may also use traditional marketing if it works for your business.
  3. Send Christmas messages to the customer: Loyalty is emotional. Sending well wishes messages, season greetings, etc at this period will make your customer feel relevant, appreciated and part of your business. It resonates with their emotion the messages may become a loyalty bait for your customers.
  4. Organize gift/giveaway for Christmas: You may also consider sending out a gift to some or all customers. You can do a giveaway too, everyone loves a freebie.
  5. Give tips on how your product can serve well in the season: This is an opportunity for you to literally sell. What about doing a short video on how your product or service can add one or two glitz to the season for your customers. It is an opportunity to highlight the relevance of your product or service and probably to persuade them into buying or sealing the deal with you.





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