9mobile’s The Hack shows entrepreneurs how to scale and grow their businesses


“SMEs add to our GDP. The more of such businesses we can push, the bigger the economy becomes. Everyone gets a piece of a bigger pie than just a few people growing their businesses.” And so, the kickoff of The Hack began with the Director of Marketing Communications at 9mobile, Saidat Lawal-Mohammed, affirming that it was the first in the series of events to mentor small businesses.

The Hack is a business mentorship and networking programme for entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs held at the Zone, Gbagada. 9mobile facilitated it in partnership with TriciaBiz and other business experts to support and promote budding SMEs and entrepreneurs eager to grow their businesses, network and learn new strategies. The hacks can also be applied to their daily hustle and converted to sales.

It was evident that participants looked forward to learning new things from the faculty as they soaked and actively participated in the sessions.

During a brainstorming session

Tricia Olufemi-Olumide (TriciaBiz) shared six growth hacks with the participants to overcome current and future challenges against expansion. She also discussed market penetration and development, sales channel optimization and promotions.

To demonstrate the practicality of these hacks, she broke the participants into eight groups where they brainstormed and made elevator pitches to the faculty in a lively and interactive session where immediate feedback was provided.

Fittingly, the event was not just about learning how to scale your business; it had its light moments with music, entertainment, and a raffle draw.

Director, Marketing Communications, 9mobile, Saidat Lawal- Mohammed; with Director of Strategy, 9mobile, Karn Gulati

Manager, Fixed Solutions, 9mobile, Adedolapo Ilelaboye, and Manager, Enterprise Marketing, 9mobile, Oluwasegun Daodu, also discussed ‘Enterprise Cloud Solution’ and ‘Enterprise ComboPak’ with the participants.

9mobile will take The Hack around Nigeria to guide business owners in simple and practical ways to improve their businesses


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