AFRES 2022: Adebiyi urges Entrepreneurs to develop winning mindset

Adekunle Adebiyi

The Executive Director, Growth & Partnerships at Itex Integrated Services, Adekunle Adebiyi, recently joined a host of notable business experts at the Africa Revenue Summit (AFRES) for 2022 to speak on the need for African entrepreneurs to embrace an innovative mindset.

He stated that this was needed to aid the economic growth of the African continent. This information was shared during an interactive session designed to help entrepreneurs in Africa learn about current trends for generating revenue growth regardless of the industries they are actively involved in.

The session, which was entitled “The Mindset that Wins,” steered conversations around the need for African-based organisations, including Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), to develop a winning mindset to navigate through the challenges of the economies they operate.

This is due to the crucial function it plays in assisting businesses to more effectively match their sales and marketing strategies with their overall organizational goal.

Adebiyi highlighted that organizations that are seen as sustainable across the global business ecosystem are those that have adopted modern business tactics and technologies to upscale their business operations in his comments on the importance of adopting the culture of having a winning mindset.

Thus, this has a favorable effect on their ability to generate income when he said: “organisations, including SMEs, that intend to operate sustainably must be willing to have a winning mindset. This is because it has a positive correlation with the bottom line of financial performance.”

However, he further emphasised the need for business owners across the continent, particularly within Nigeria, to embrace the culture of collaboration.

“This is owing to the fact that collaborative efforts, particularly within the corporate ecosystem, have been proven to be a viable strategy that drives the revenue growth of companies regardless of the sector.

This could be seen when he said, “Organisations that have embraced the concept of collaboration are better equipped to achieve more.

“This, therefore, helps them to uncover diverse innovative ways through which they can upscale their business operations to create more revenue-generation streams.”

The Africa Revenue Summit is a sales-oriented conference aimed at equipping business leaders, including sales executives across different industries, with cutting-edge strategies that guarantee business growth and development across the African continent.


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