Africa Revenue Summit 2022: Growth and Partnerships Director, Adekunle Adebiyi, to speak

Adekunle Adebiyi via Tech Economy.NG

Adekunle Adebiyi, Executive Director, Growth & Partnerships of Itex Integrated Services, will give an address, at the Africa Revenue Summit in 2022.

This is in an effort to promote discussions centered on effective management practices that enable the upscaling of start-ups, as well as established corporations, across the African continent.

The summit’s theme is “Value Up,” and it will take place on July 8th and 9th, 2022. This is intended to promote talks about 21st-century strategies for driving value across an organization’s revenue chain.

On this backdrop, the summit aims to cover a wide range of business-related topics, including sales, marketing, culture, people, and leadership.

The Africa Revenue Summit, which is recognized as the greatest convergence for revenue leaders across corporate Africa, is well-positioned to expose small and medium-sized firms (SMEs) to sustainable strategies that would guarantee economic growth, according to Adekunle Adebiyi.

“Small and medium-sized businesses have been regarded as the main drivers of diverse economies across the African continent. This is because SMEs, particularly startups, serve as a critical driver of economic growth and development across the world. It is, however, germane to note that while SMEs play an integral role in contributing to the economic improvements of nations across the globe, it is essential to note that they encounter diverse challenges that threaten their sustainability. It is on this premise that the Africa Revenue Summit for 2022 seeks to expose organisations operating across the African continent to sustainable business practices that revolve around sales, marketing, and leadership,” he said.

Industry professionals will present masterclass sessions that cut across numerous subthemes such as retail and FMCG, technology, and sales leadership at the Africa Revenue Summit, which was previously known as the Sales Leadership Conference (SLC).


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