Africa to host ‘Global 28 Credentials of Entrepreneur Summit’ for first time

Africa to host ‘Global 28 Credentials of Entrepreneur Summit’ for first time
Africa to host ‘Global 28 Credentials of Entrepreneur Summit’ for first time

Ghana – The Global 28 Credentials of Entrepreneur (28COE), a platform designed to help global as well as aspiring entrepreneurs around the world yearly, is now set to hold in Accra.

This is the first time the summit, which originated in Malaysia, would take place in Africa.

The conference, which is slated to take place between November 3 and 6, will bring together business executives and entrepreneurs from all around the world.

Global 28 Credentials of Entrepreneur
Global 28 Credentials of Entrepreneur Media & Book Launch in Ghana. Photo Source: Joy Online

Dr. Victoria EsinuVitashie, the representative of 28 Credentials of Entrepreneurs for West Africa, described it as a dynamic organization supported by partnerships in the international community in anticipation of the media launch on Friday.

According to her, the platform is a business platform designed for networking, branding, and leveraging.

According to Dr. Vitashie, 28COE is the largest network of entrepreneurs and professionals from more than 85 countries.

She claimed that the summit’s sole goal was to assist ambitious entrepreneurs in connecting, leveraging, and building their brands.

“28COE works to make a healthier start that creates more entrepreneurs, educate individuals, accelerate innovation and strengthen economic growth and create ecosystems that lead to cross- border collaboration and initiatives between investors, policymakers, researchers and entrepreneurial support organisation,” she emphasised.

She outlined 28COE as the most powerful network of entrepreneurs in the globe, encouraging its members to serve as mentors to young kidpreneurs and teenpreneurs who want to reach their full potential both professionally and in business.

The absence of strong equity rules, according to Dr. Prince Kofi Kludjeson, chairman of Kludjeson International Limited, is the main obstacle to the growth of entrepreneurs in the nation.

He emphasized that with the right equity law in place, Ghanaians may use it to advance themselves and seize control of the business world.

“We need to have a conversation around what type of equity arrangement that works for us and then we can take advantage of it to develop our country,” he said.

Dr. Kludjeson commended the organizers of the event and hailed it as one of the best developments for entrepreneurs in the nation.

As a result, he urged Ghanaians to utilize the summit and network effectively.


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