strengthens its global coverage

732 strengthens its global coverage
Marcien Essimi, Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Afrique54 Sarl, an online media for the general public whose vocation is to disseminate local information related to African and international issues, intends to consolidate its presence on the web and strengthen the global exposure of its content

Groupe Afrique54 Sarl announces the consolidation of its presence on the web and the reinforcement of the global exposure of’s content.

Recognized for its varied and reliable multimedia information from original sources, has based its guidelines on four principles: efficiency, transparency, balance and objectivity.

Thanks to internationally renowned webmarketing agencies, enjoys a solid global coverage with thousands of readers in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Its goal is to reach  more than 300,000 unique visits, with over 1 000,000 page views per month.

Marcien Essimi, Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Afrique54 Sarl and Director of Publication of, said: “To ensure this global exposure, we have enlisted the help of high-level partners who have submitted this informative site to over 400 search engines, directories and web directories. “By opting for this new strategic approach, we are making the digital terminal more competitive and giving our customers and partners full satisfaction,” said Marcien Essimi.

“, our flagship product, has significantly increased the reach of its digital information platform. We are delighted that is gradually becoming a reference in the global media universe. It is a real tool for your sponsored article campaigns. ”

As a citizen media, gives a voice to African and international actors who want to be heard. As a channel through which Africa, its diaspora and Afro-descendants speak to the world, gives pride of place to the promotion of the positive values of the continent and within the continent, while respecting the journalistic ethics that have allowed it to build relationships of trust with its sources, while giving space to constructive debate.


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