AI and Digital Tools predicted to boost profits for Entrepreneurs in 2023 – Fashola Oba Ashiodolo


What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? 

In a layman’s term, AI can be defined as machines and computers that process and perform tasks that are naturally meant to be done by humans.

2023 has been dubbed the Year of Artificial Intelligence across several quarters ranging from the disruptive effects of AI Tools and its impact on businesses, Chat GPT being a vivid example.

How crucial is the incursion of AI into the business world especially for entrepreneurs seeking to curtail its effects or adapt into the new norm?

Our guest on MSME Africa’s Enterprise Chat this week, Fashola-On Ashiodolo, head of Growth and Partnership at Bertatech, a Marketing and Technology company, discusses Artificial Intelligence and how and why entrepreneurs should embrace the opportunities that it provides for efficient business operations.

Click here to watch the full interview


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