Amel International Services Gains Momentum with Support from Partners in Food Solutions

Amel International Services Gains Momentum with Support from Partners in Food Solutions

Amel International Services Limited (AISL), renowned producers of the Amel Susan baking and breakfast cereal brand, welcomed representatives from Partners in Food Solutions (PFS) during a significant courtesy visit on September 6th, 2023.

 Amel International Services Limited (AISL), creators of the popular Amel Susan brand, played host to the esteemed delegation from Partners in Food Solutions (PFS), a distinguished international organization hailing from the United States. PFS is dedicated to bolstering businesses in the FMCG and agricultural sectors, with a vision of elevating the African food industry.

The courtesy visit served as a platform for PFS to conduct a comprehensive review of ongoing projects at AISL. The representatives from PFS were particularly impressed with the nearly completed Factory building, a project they had actively supported through technical and equipment design insights provided by Jim Korslund, a retired Engineer and Project Manager with General Mills, United States.

Partners in Food Solutions (PFS) boasts a track record of conducting impactful initiatives in the food industry. They offer a one-year free mentorship program for food business managers, facilitating learning from expert volunteers across the United States, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Additionally, they provide a one-year paid apprenticeship program, which empowers apprentices to gain practical training and opens doors to potential full-time employment within the industry.

Akan Peter Nsek, Managing Director of AISL, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the fruitful partnership with PFS over the years. He highlighted the invaluable contribution of PFS’s apprenticeship program, which has introduced exceptional talents to AISL. Notably, their Quality Control Manager emerged from this very program.

Akan Peter Nsek also outlined AISL’s ambitious plans as they approach their 10th year of operations. The company is poised to expand its production capacity, strengthen its brand positioning, and forge strategic alliances. This strategic positioning will enable them to harness export opportunities across West Africa, Europe, and the Americas. Notably, AISL’s nomination as a finalist for the prestigious Go Global Awards is a testament to their commitment to building a local brand with global acclaim.

 The courtesy visit also provided an opportunity for AISL to delve into its financial structure and needs with Selase Sabah, Business Services Lead. The discussion revolved around the necessity for advanced machinery/equipment for the new factory facility, their collaboration with the Bank of Industry, and a plea for Partners in Food Solutions (PFS) to consider a similar collaborative endeavor.

The courtesy visit witnessed the presence of prominent representatives from Partners in Food Solutions (PFS), including Staci Seibold, Senior Director of Client and Technical Services; Christian Dedzo, Regional Program Director (West Africa); Selase Sabah, Business Services Lead; Bernadette Arthur, Field Program Associate (West Africa); Regina Quartey Papafio – Communications Associate; and Toju Ukubeyinje – Program Manager (Nigeria).

The visit culminated in a tangible stride towards progress, as Partners in Food Solutions (PFS) took proactive measures by assembling a project team and mobilizing partner volunteers to advise on the source and specifications of machinery essential for the new factory facility.


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