Call for Application: Softcom LIFT Business Growth Program( Knowledge, Capital, Tools, Coaching)

Softcom LIFT Business Growth Program

LIFT is a  6-week virtual program designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools, coaching, capital and community that will position your business for rapid growth.

  • Knowledge

    In-depth, tailored and practical business curriculum.

    • Access modular content focused on finance, marketing, strategy and operations.
    • Learn from expert facilitators and business leaders at live classes.
  • Capital

    Funding to expand your business.

    • Demonstrate your business potential at LIFT pitch day event.
    • Access up to 1 million Naira in funding through grants and low-interest loans.
  • Tools

    Digital products to improve your business operations.

    • A suite of market research, payment, retail and inventory management software.
    • Technical support at no additional fees and discounted license fees per product.
  • Coaching

    Hands-on guidance to accelerate your business performance

  • Community

    Lifelong access to a peer network for learning and support


Apply to the Lift program if your business has:

  • been in operation for at least 9 months,
  • at least two (2) full-time employees.

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