Call For Applications: 2023 GCSP Prize for Innovation in Global Security

Call For Applications: 2023 GCSP Prize for Innovation in Global Security

In 2015, under the umbrella of its Creativity and Innovation Initiative, the GCSP and its Geopolitics and Global Futures Programme established a prize in order to recognize deserving individuals or organizations that have an innovative approach to addressing international security challenges.

The prize is designed to reach across all relevant disciplines and fields. It is intended to encourage and recognize excellence in contributing to new approaches to enhancing sustainable global security.

A broad range of projects could qualify for consideration, including, but not limited to:

  • Technological innovations,
  • Conceptual innovations,
  • Original research,
  • Grassroots initiatives

The winners (first, second, and third place) will be announced publicly during an event to be held in November 2023. The prize for the application coming in first position is CHF 10,000 and a certificate of excellence. The two other finalist applications will receive a certificate of recognition.

Applications must be submitted via the online application form in order to be considered for the prize, and shall include:

  • A project abstract of 250 words maximum;
  • A well-developed project description which should not exceed 750 words in length;
  • A description of the technical process of the project submitted (if applicable);
  • An estimate of the budget required for the project;
  • An explanation of how the project provides a novel contribution to the field of global security;
  • A description of the short-term and long-term impact of the project in the field of global security;
  • Up to five image files (optional).

Deadline: September 25, 2023

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