Call for Applications: ALX Software Engineering Programme


Companies across the globe will continue to face technology talent gaps over the next decade. Software engineers are some of the most in-demand, higher paid professionals helping to navigate the advanced digital transformation taking place across the business landscape.

The 12-month ALX Software Engineering Programme prepares you with the technical and work-ready skills for a global career as a Full-Stack Developer.

Programme Starts: Monday 15 August 2022

Programme Requirements

> 12 months, 70 hours/week

> English proficiency

> Access to a desktop or laptop

> No prior programming experience required, in-course assessment

> Commitment and determination

Programme Sprints

> (4) 12-Week Modules

> Understanding Programming Languages

> Programming Foundations 1

> Programming Foundations 2

> Front-End or Back-End Specialisation

Post Certification

> Join The ROOM’s talent community

> Discover, explore, and create professional opportunities

> Build life-changing relationship for your success

Apply HERE.

Deadline – August 8, 2022


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