Call For Applications: Ayoba Nigeria SME Accelerator Program 2023

Call For Applications: Ayoba SME Accelerator Program 2023

The Ayoba SME Accelerator Program is designed to help SMEs overcome challenges, scale their operations, and achieve sustainable success in their respective industries. Over the next three months, this program will equip 10,000+ SMEs in Nigeria with digital tools and skills to better position them for growth and sustainability

The Ayoba Nigeria SME Accelerator Program 2023, in collaboration with Adanian Labs, aims to catalyze the growth of Nigerian businesses through digitization. This program addresses a myriad of challenges faced by small businesses including limited access to capital; leveraging technology for growth; market access, and meaningful mentorship. The program is specifically designed to foster innovation, enhance competitiveness, drive growth, and create sustainable employment opportunities.


Applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis to ascertain alignment with the program and to ensure maximum benefit for selected businesses. Below is a guide on what we will be looking out for.

High-Potential SMEs: High-potential SMEs are businesses that have demonstrated strong growth potential and have the potential to make a significant impact on their industry or community.

Leveraging Technology: The product or service has the potential to be scaled through technology & digitization

Team Capacity: The core team has the capacity and expertise to drive overall growth.


Build A Stronger Business Ecosystem: The program is designed to create a vibrant business ecosystem by facilitating collaboration and networking among SMEs, mentors, investors, and stakeholders via Ayoba’s platform. Together, we’ll empower SMEs to flourish and expand Ayoba’s user community.

Promote Afriwill Identity & Culture: The program focuses on promoting Afriwill’s identity and culture using Ayoba’s platform. They embrace the continent’s diverse languages and cultures, strengthening Ayoba’s brand as a value-based platform connecting people.

Focus On Key Growth Areas: Adanian Labs prioritize technology solutions for Africa’s key growth sectors, predominantly driven by SME industries. This strategic focus enables Ayoba to effectively support SME customers in these sectors and expand its customer base within these key industries.

How It Works

Onboarded SMEs will enjoy the following benefits amongst others:

  • Training on SME digitization.
  • Improved skills for business growth and sustainability.
  • Access to new markets through the Ayoba platform and partners.
  • Networking opportunities with other SMEs.
  • Increased visibility and brand exposure.

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