Call for Applications: FI x Sterling Bank Fellowship ($15,000 Sponsorship Package)

Call for Applications: FI x Sterling Bank Fellowship ($15,000 Sponsorship Package)
Call for Applications: FI x Sterling Bank Fellowship ($15,000 Sponsorship Package)

Sterling Bank has collaborated with FI to help start-ups get traction and funding through a critical support network and structured business-building process. FI is a pre-seed accelerator with unique expertise and experience in assisting early-stage entrepreneurs in launching impactful and lasting tech companies.

Your One-Customer Bank has provided a sponsorship package of $60,000 for ‌ 4 cohorts of incubation/ accelerator programs at $15,000 per cohort.

The program offers a sponsorship package for five founders with the most innovative ideas in five focus centers of the bank (Health, Education, Agriculture, Renewable energy, and Transportation). Applicants undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure that only the best of the best make it into the fellowship.

Who is this for?

This program is for young innovative entrepreneurs aged 18 and 35 with groundbreaking ideas whose businesses are tech-based and fall within the HEART sector.

How does it work?

This year the FI x Sterling Bank Fellowship for the Lagos Spring 2023 is taking a novel approach. Each applicant will be required to take a predictive test, also known as an Entrepreneur DNA Test. The FI team will use scores from this test to identify the top five founders in each HEART sector.

After the application period, the applicants will be grouped into different sectors based on their business area. The top performers will then be curated and shared with the Sterling team for the final selection.

In the end, one founder will be selected per sector to be a beneficiary of the fellowship. This process ensures that the selection process is objective and transparent and that the most qualified founders are selected for the fellowship.

What do Entrepreneurs stand to gain from this fellowship?

Aside from being mentored and trained by the industry’s best, fellowship applicants can meet and interact with impact investors, venture capitalists, and business angels.

How to apply

If you are already excited, this opportunity might be for you.

Click on the link below to apply and give your start-up a chance to have a global impact.


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