Call For Applications: Kleos Africa SME Growth Voucher Program

Call For Applications: Kleos Africa SME Growth Voucher Program

Apply to Win an SME Growth Voucher from Kleos Africa!
The number one rule for startups is ‘’Don’t run out of customers.’’

Did you know that research shows that by hiring a freelance digital marketer, you can increase your sales revenue by over 20% in 24 months

Apply here to be matched to a Kleos digital marketing intern and enjoy the first 3 months at no cost!
Fifty (50) winners of the Kleos SME Growth Voucher will enjoy the services of a certified digital marketing intern from September 2023. Over the course of the year, you can work with the freelancer to:

  •  Grow your business footprint online
  • Create effective lead magnets
  •  Build an email marketing engine
  • Create and sell online courses
  •  Start or grow an active WordPress blog
  •  Measure your site traffic using Google Analytics
  • Build and execute a content marketing plan
  •  Run social media advertisements
  •  Build and grow your email list and so much more

All these can lead to a 20% increase in your company’s revenue over the next 24 months!

Apply here to give your business a boost. Become one of the 50 selected entrepreneurs to
participate in the Kleos SME Growth Voucher program.

Click HERE To Apply

Terms and conditions apply.


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