Call for Applications: NerdzFactory/Access Corporation DigiGap Program

Call for Applications: NerdzFactory DigiGap Program

The DigiGap Program is designed to create learning and economic opportunities for you through technology and digital skills that are required to start and grow your tech career. The Program is sponsored by Access Corporation and fully implemented by NerdzFactory Foundation.

The DigiGap Program is intended to provide young people with learning and economic possibilities through technology and digital skills essential to start and grow a tech profession. The DigiGap program is your key to unlocking the doors to a successful digital and technology profession. Prepare for an exciting adventure as they delve deep into the domain of information, skills, knowledge, and resources that will propel you to success.

The curriculum includes weekly webinars that will teach you the vital digital skills you need to advance your profession. They cover everything from coding to data analytics, social media marketing to UX design. Each session will leave you wanting more as you learn from industry leaders at the forefront of technological innovation. The DigiGap program will begin on May 29, 2023, and will be rigorous and three days a week.

DigiGap Program Details

Hybrid Learning
The DigiGap program is an intensive and 3 days in a week hybrid program
Duration – 4 Weeks.
The program runs for 4 weeks on alternating days to give all participants time to effectively practise their assignments.
Program Options
The DigiGap program has designed learning tracks with respective days and time. See Learning Options below for more.
Class starts
Monday 29th May, 2023

Learning options: 

Pixel Prodigies (Graphics Design Training)

> Design Elements, Design Principles & Design Thinking
> Typography
> Design Inspiration And Research
> Designing Logos, Business Cards, Book Covers, Event Fliers, Movie Posters, E.T.C.
> Pictures, Gradients & Professional Colour Schemes
> Canva Masterclass

Creative Catalysts (Product Design Training)

> Become a professional Product Designer
> UX Design using Figma
> Design fully interactive prototypes
> Learn to develop UX personas & research driven wireframes
> Learn fundamentals of UI including icons, colors, fonts and brand style guide development
> Learn top soft skills such as Communication, Adaptation, Time management, Collaboration and Self leadership

Web Development

> Become a professional Developer
> Learn basic and advanced Web development concepts
> Learn to style web pages using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
> Learn to build advanced web development concepts using Javascript, jQuery & Bootstrap.
> Learn top soft skills such as Communication, Adaptation, Time management, Collaboration and Self leadership

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