Call For Applications: SeedInvest Acceleration Program (Win Up to 1Million Naira Grant)

Call For Applications: SeedInvest Acceleration Program (Win Up to 1Million Naira Grant)

biodunandibikunle Applications and Business Pitches are now open

Biodunandibikunle Vision is to Engage the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Africa and convert potential SMEs into Emerging Corporates for Global Influence.

Kindly note it’s a 2-way application process

First Process:

  1. Record a 60secs Business Pitch talking about yourself, your business, the impact your business has made in the community you operate and why #biodunandibikunle should select you for the program.
  1. Your Business Pitch must be posted on your #instagram Business handle, not your personal page then Invite/Tag @biodunandibikunle as a collaborator. 

Second Process:

  1. Fill the application form using the link in the bio and submit. The Business Pitch and Application forms are MANDATORY steps you must complete

Other guidelines:

4.biodunandibikunle team will review your application and pitch, if you are successful, you will then be moved to the voting rounds and also get a DM to notify you. Please ensure your pitch voice is audible and video shot in your work environment.

  1. Voting takes place on biodunandibikunle Foundation’s #Instagram page and #YouTube handle. Follow our IG @Biodunandibikunle and subscribe to our YouTube channel (link in the bio) before sending in your applications/pitch.
  1. Once your application is successful, your business pitch will be re-posted on the Foundation’s YouTube channel, after which your invite on Instagram will be accepted for voting within 24-48 hours.
  1. Your voters (friends, customers, family members etc) should follow @biodunandibikunle on #instagram and subscribe to biodunandibikunle YouTube channel for their votes to count.
  1. Vote buying is discouraged. If the Foundation discovers vote buying, you will be disqualified
  1. Successful applicants must engage their voters on and off our platform for votes (likes), Engagements will be tracked.

Deadline: July 23, 2023

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