ChangemakerXchange Launches 2022 Summit Application

PC: Changemakerxchange

Deadline: June 30th, 2022.

ChangemakerXchange, is excited to launch a global intersectional climate action programme that supports the world’s leading climate action changemakers and activists from different regions. The ultimate goal is to help the youth climate movement become even more connected, collaborative, and impactful.

Each summit has its own detailed selection criteria, but the following is the general rule for all of them:

  • Country: You must come from or be currently living in one of the eligible countries. Please refer to each summit’s eligible countries.
  • Age: You must be aged 18–35
  • Role: You are the founder/co-founder, leader/co-leader, manager/co-manager (or hold an influential position with decision-making power, e.g. intrapreneur) of a social/environmental venture/organisation/community which is up and running and addresses the climate, biodiversity, and air pollution crises.
  • Language: You must have a command of English which is strong enough to participate in small group conversations and collaborate with international changemakers.

(1). The programme starts with regional summits (cohorts), each convening 15–25 young changemakers in intensive 5-day gatherings. These gatherings take place in beautiful locations deep in nature and are designed to forge deep connections between participants, foster wellbeing, enable peer learning and set the ground for meaningful collaborations to emerge.

(2). After the summit, the young changemakers are invited to join a tailored online global capacity-building programme, that brings together members from each region. This multi-module and interactive programme will include practical sessions for young changemakers such as preventing burnout, fundraising & finances and system change.

(3). Finally, the young changemakers become lifelong members of the thriving global ChangemakerXchange community, which currently counts close to 1,000 social innovators from 120+ countries. As part of the community, members get access to a regular and dynamic portfolio of opportunities to connect, learn and co-create.

To view eligible countries and apply, kindly visit the official website.


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