COVID-19 initiatives: IHS Nigeria partners TechQuest STEM Academy to train 1000 teachers and students


IHS Nigeria, in partnership with TecQuest STEM Academy, will train 1000 teachers and students across Nigeria in July 2020 under its Mission-T Program.  The one-month training will offer participants the digital skills required to offer technology-enabled solutions with a focus on initiatives that will mitigate the impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

Mission – T is a sustainability initiative commissioned in 2019 by IHS Nigeria, the largest subsidiary of IHS Towers, with the primary objective of improving ICT education and empowerment in Nigerian schools and communities. The program aims to improve Nigeria’s STEM narrative and help stimulate interest and participation of teachers and students in STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields across the country.

As a response to the current COVID-19 crisis, participants will be equipped with requisite knowledge and skills to develop projects that can improve human existence in a post COVID era leveraging digital tools like the internet, software, and computers. Additionally, the program will upskill teachers with the requisite capabilities needed to deliver effective teaching over the internet.

The Mission-T summer program will be implemented by the TechQuest STEM Academy LTD/GTEa non-profit STEM organisation that has delivered STEM and digital literacy education to nearly 30,000 young people across 16 Nigerian states since 2015. The program has also offered to provide free internet data to the first 200 teachers and first 500 students to sign up for the training as a response to the current challenges being experienced during the pandemic and alleviate identified barriers to attendance and learning during the free training period.”

Students will have the opportunity to learn Mobile App Development, Web Development and an Introduction to Python Programming. Resources to be introduced to teachers include the practical-based Mission-T ICT curriculum, which includes textbooks, workbooks, academic videos, an interactive portal and a mobile app to assist teachers in the delivery of STEM education to their students.

According to the Director, TechQuest STEM Academy, Dr. (Mrs). Itoro Emembolu, “This initiative will increase the level of digital literacy and STEM capabilities which have been identified as essential skills needed to function in a rapidly changing technological age. Programs such as the Mission-T initiative makes this possible through the far-sighted support of firms such as IHS Nigeria.”

She encourages teachers and students to take advantage of this opportunity to further develop their STEM and digital literacy capabilities.

To register and participate, visit the program website: or follow Techquest social media @techquestcamp on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram for more information.


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