CSR-in-Action, ACT Foundation award grants to Nigerian Entrepreneurs

Bekeme Olowola
Bekeme Olowola - Chief Executive of CSR-in-Action group

The Good Citizen Show, an initiative launched by CSR-in-Action Advocacy and supported by Aspire Coronation Trust Foundation, has announced its second round of N50,000 grants to new Nigerian entrepreneurs.

The initiative’s goal is to encourage and advance individual contributions to national development through value reorientation.

According to a statement, Deborah Adesina, a fashion designer and the founder of Gomervis Royals, received its grant of N50,000 in August 2022 when she had the most interactions and the most creative business ideas out of more than 100 participants.

Expressing her gratitude to the Good Citizen show, she said, “I want to thank the Good Citizen show for launching this giveaway grant and investing in small businesses in Nigeria. I believe this award will give me purpose and zeal to improve my work, and I guarantee to put more effort into my crafts.”

As a result of its success, the Good Citizen Show awarded N50,000 each to two new entrepreneurs, Chief Executive Officer of Shantel Footwears, Racheal Godwin, and Chief Executive Officer, Henry Poultry Farm, Nnamani Henry, on December 27, 2022, for their innovative business ideas.

The President of CSR-in-Action, Bekeme Olowola, said, “Our priority is to build strong communities, which includes creating good jobs and long-term economic opportunities.

“Innovation is difficult, but the benefits of creating an environment that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and the economic opportunities, jobs, networks, and ideas that result from cultivating an exploratory culture are incalculable.”

The statement said, “the Good Citizen Show encourages all new entrepreneurs to share their best innovative business idea and for a chance to win a grant to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

“Whether you want to expand your business, create a new product, hire specialised employees, invest in an extensive marketing campaign, or renovate your facilities.”

According to the statement, the Good Citizen Show is a radio show to inspire Nigerian citizens to adopt good ethics and values that would bring about transformation of the nation.

It stated that, “The Good Citizen Show focuses on value system orientation driven through citizen participation with over 80,000 listeners per month, over 300 children impacted, and over 1 million people reached via social media and Solid Partnerships.

“The goal of the Good Citizen Show is to promote positive values and good neighbourliness among Nigerians through various education interventions and awareness creation.”


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