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Sunkanmi Vaughan

Sunkanmi Vaughan is a consultant, author, University of Lagos-trained pharmacist and speaker who helps individuals and organizations overcome the challenges of business start-up and survival. His consulting firm, Bizlifelines, has attracted numerous clients including businesses, non-profits, and enterpreneurs. Vaughan has worked with other respected consultancy outfits for large corporate engagements. He has also trained budding entrepreneurs and employees of organizations with over 50 staff strength.He’s the author of Nigeria’s most comprehensive business opportunity handbook “1000+ Practical Business Ideas and Directory of Money Sources “. In this interview, he speaks about his latest initiative – and the reason behind it.

Why did you launch FreeStuffNg?

FreeStuffsNg is a child of necessity and I will share my story. During the lockdown, I realised that the needs of most of our people are not as big or complex as we are all made to believe. Strangely, most people who have extra to give and share don’t know this and when they offer to give help, they’re not aware of a platform that connects credible and authentic freestuffs givers with those Nigerians who want to experience freestuffs from freewill giving and sales promotion.

From my personal experience during the lockdown, I had to be requesting people in my circle to help recommend a needy person who will spend the donated cash gift only on food and many people turned up. To get the eventual beneficiaries was cumbersome as I had to be calling on phone to confirm the beneficiaries. Though it was a success, it didn’t stop me from reflecting and eventually starting to help solve that problem.To the glory of God and support of everyone, it has been phenomenal since our launch.

What have you discovered since you launched the initiative?

I have discovered that Nigerians are indeed one of the most generous people on earth and there is no better place to demonstrate our charitable acts than on FreeStuffsNg.

Who can make use of the platform and how does it work? 

The platform is absolutely free and user- friendly for sales promotion of products and services especially for those corporate organisations that want to give or test their products to get credible authentic feedbacks ,FreeStuffsNg is equally very good for raising funds for worthy causes without the need to go to foreign platforms like Gofund me. Unlike those foreign platforms, we accept cash and physical goods donation on behalf of verified registered members who post their needs on our platform. We ensure donated cash and/or physical goods are received by the verified beneficiaries with evidence and testimonials from the beneficiaries received from the beneficiaries and posted on our platform.

So if you want to give, even as little as airtime, UTME forms, School shoes etc or cash, please go and register now and post it on FreeStuffsNg.

If you are an organisation currently helping us reduce the inconvenience caused by this lockdown or doing sales promotion and offering free stuffs to get into the market, you should register and post it on FreeStuffsNg so others can see it on the website and when we broadcast it to others daily. If you have a free webinar or zoom training or have free music or offer free services like legal aid, counselling etc, you are welcome to post it on FreeStuffsNg.

How can those who have needs show their interests?

If you have a need, register it on FreeStuffsNg and share to the public, visitors to the website will see it and respond or we match your kind of need with those registered members who already have a worthy cause that matches your need.

What is your greatest motivation for launching this initiative?

Our day is made every time we bring smile on the faces of everyone on our platform. Right now, there’s no need for any Nigerian citizen or corporate organisation to use Gofund Me or be in doubt if those who can give you valuable feedback for your products are available. We will connect you all for free on FreeStuffsNg.That is what we do, promos and charity. It is what I love to do most outside being a licensed Pharmacist.

What would be your words to donors to encourage them to be a part of this initiative?

To donors, I will say:  The idea of giving away your product for free can feel a little daunting. After all someone has to pay for that—and when it comes to free samples, the cost is borne by you. But don’t let that deter you, because your free samples can generate a lot of sales for you. In some cases, free samples can boost sales by as much as 2000%. In some cases too, giving out free samples can eliminate or reduce advertising and marketing costs.





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