Group announces date for ‘Under 30 CEOs Award’ event

Group announces date for “Under 30 CEOs Award” event

The CEOs Network Africa, a gathering of business executives across the continent has the fourth edition of the “Under 30 CEOs Award” will hold on December 10.

Desmond Ezenwa, Managing Director of the organization, stated in a statement on Wednesday that approximately 6,000 nominations were received from all over the continent.

“The quality of the entries received simply proves that young Nigerians are indeed very resourceful, resilient, and extremely hardworking,” he said.

“The finalists were critically screened and selected from different walks of life by the award committee.”

The President and founder of CEOs Network, Alli-Bob Cinwon, said the award programme is to “critically scrutinise and select the very best and brightest minds across the continent and this year was no exception”.

“I am elated at the quality of applications we received this year and it just reinstates our commitment to empowering and spotlighting young people doing outstanding things,” he said.

“This year’s award is themed ‘The Year of the Phoenix’, and the kind of nominations we had, portraying the wonderful and inspiring work that many young Nigerians are doing across industries, just goes to show that like the phoenix, we will keep rising despite the socio and economic challenges we are faced with as a nation.”

At the close of voting, the awards will be presented to the winners at the event scheduled to hold on December 10 at the Ball Room, Abuja.

The CEOs Network Africa is a multidisciplinary networking hub for young leaders; a social enterprise set up in order to help young people through their journey as entrepreneurs via tailored trainings, annual awards, networking and mentorship events.


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