I started my journey in Tech as a Graphics Designer – Uzoma Agba

I started my journey in Tech as a Graphic Designer – Uzoma Agba
Uzoma Agba

Uzoma Agba is a growth mentor with Seedstars Intenational and business mentor with Tony Elumelu Foundation, She is also a global ambassador for Womentech Network and women-prenuer initiative, dedicated towards creating impact-driven solutions for professionals, corporate organization and startups. In this interview with MSME Africa, Uzoma shares about her work and her recent award as a youth digital champion gold medalist

Kindly share with us briefly about your works

I work as a business expert judge with Tony Elumelu foundation and judged the bankable business summary and video pitches from 54 countries in Africa, entreprenuers that will be given $5000 as seed capital/grant . I am also a social and digital advertising mentor where I mentor with Tony Elumelu Foundation and their entreprenuers on using social media platforms to achieve business success.L ikewise, I am  a global ambassador for Womentech Network and women-prenuer initiative and  a growth mentor with Seedstars Intenational.

How did you start your journey in tech?

I started as a graphics designer at Innovation Growth Hub netprenuers and developers fellowship. I chose graphics design to unlock my creativity as a fresh graduate in 2018, then moved to being a business developer and worked in paid projects like Facebook Boost your Business and Google My Business Agent with Africa 118.  I also worked as a digital skills trainer with Haptics Nigeria on the Grow With Google Digital Skills for Africa initiative.

Beyond studying biotechnology, what other factors contributed to your career choice?

I have always being fascinated with digital technology and was inspired by Steve Jobs when I watched him in  2008 presenting the Macbook Air as  the crowd were glued to him. I have also been  a public speaker from primary school and secondary school days, So I always knew that I will be in the digital media technology industry.

You are a social and digital advertising mentor for TEF, how has this role shaped your perspective on digital evolution among young adults in Nigeria?

The tech industry is growing at a fast rate in Nigeria with a lot of tech hubs opening up in different cities in Nigeria which provides a lot of tech job opportunities for youths in Nigeria, as a result careers have changed to being software developers, UI/UX Designers, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and data scientist

From your experience as mentor at Technovation, what has been the challenge in equipping young girls with technological skills, what can be done differently?

Technovation is a non profit organization that is focused on bridging the gap of Gender Equality so that a lot of women can build career in tech as it prepares them for the future of jobs. I faced electricity problem and unstable internet connetion, but this was solved by using generator and subscription to different internet services, also the girls found it difficult to understand the tech concept at the first class but they later learnt and understood the tech curriculum as the class progressed, built mobile apps, wrote business plans and did video pitches for their presentation, this made them to be become better public speakers, gain life and career skills and solve some of the United Nations Sustainable  Development Goals.

Recently, you got an award as a youth digital champion gold medalist , the only Nigerian on the list. Can you tell us more about this and what it means?

Being recognized as a youth digital champion based on my community leadership work in digital technologies which strengthens community development by raising awareness and promoting youth access to digital literacy skills, training, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities is something I consider a great feat. My profile being used as a case study is being shared among the broader Medication Alliance community, donor agencies and other youth and digital literacy skills development worldwide. I will gain global recognition by individuals and organizations deeply interested in the space of digital and youth leadership, international development and technology-focused public and private sector organization.

From your own experience, what advice will you give to a young girl starting out in tech?

You go through series of challenges from being confused about whether you have made the best career decision to other challenges. If you give it time and you are patient, you will find clarity of purpose as everything begins to fall into place, you should be resilient to deal with challenges and a lot of rejections. All of these will send you back to the drawing board as you restrategize and advance your career.

What would be your final word?

Work smart and make it happen because nobody owes you anything.


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