Leadway Partners AWABAH to Provide Financial Services to The Informal Sector

Leadway Partners AWABAH to Provide Financial Services to The Informal Sector

The ongoing worldwide pandemic has enlightened people on the need to be financially stable and successful, especially in a 3rd world country like Nigeria. With a stretched economy and inflation at 13.22% in August 2020, there has been a surge in investments towards attaining financial security locally and internationally.  This new normal has affected every industry in Nigeria.

Statistics show that in Nigerian universities, 5 out of 10 students drop out or defer their admission due to financial constraints, born of their parent’s inability to meet up financially. In the entertainment industry, there are A-list and B-list artists who do not have the proper information to make legitimate financial investments and they quickly go broke after they stop being in demand.

With this in mind, Leadway has agreed to partner with Awabah Nigeria to bring financial services closer to the informal sector, with a keen eye on further enhancing Nigeria’s financial inclusion goals. Awabah Nigeria is a financial service company that is built to assist its audience take that big step in their lives and escape living paycheck to paycheck.

To help its clients reach their desired financial goals, Awabah Nigeria says it aims at providing access to micro pensions and target savings products and using this as leverage to increase and build its clients’ wealth.

Awabah says it is a solution-driven entity and this has moved the company to seek partnerships with the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund and Riby (the Tech-based Financial solutions provider) to provide a plethora of strategies, to transform old and existing investments to practical and achievable products designed to deliver real value.

Awabah NG is scheduled to launch virtually on the 20th of November 2020, across different social media platforms.


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