MoMo PSB unveils deepens Financial Inclusion with New Offering

MoMo PSB unveils deepens Financial Inclusion with New Offering
MoMo Payment Service Bank

MoMo Payment Service Bank has launched a bill payment options for its users.

According to the company, this option will avail users affordable options to purchase prepaid electricity units, renew cable TV, betting, and loan collection bills to specific vendors.

The firm in a statement said, “The goal of MoMo Bill Payment is to improve financial inclusion by providing an easy way for people to move money, access financial information, and make bill payments.

“It also supports the CBN’s efforts to promote financial inclusion by ensuring penetration among the underserved and unbanked in northern Nigeria and across the country.”

It added that users can use MoMo Pay to pay merchants and business owners. A user, Awolowo David, was quoted as saying, “I like convenience. Because for me, it’s about doing something at my own pace and when it’s comfortable. No one wants to run around just because they want to pay for utilities like electricity bills.

“With MoMo, I can accomplish this right now on my phone. MoMo Bill Payment is one financial solution that makes things convenient.”


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