NEPC, Others collaborate to host ‘Made In Nigeria Cosmetics Expo’ 2022, to issue free Export Certificates to MSMEs


Made In Nigeria Cosmetics Expo, MINCE, with the express support of the major government regulatory bodies and business associations have concluded plans to organise a cosmetics expo, in direct response to the cries of the Nigerian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

The event, which is slated to take place in Lagos between October 1 and October 3, 2022, will also help MSME cosmetic and beauty product makers scale up their products for the global market and give them access to technical interventions in the areas of standards, quality, and certifications.

According to Kola Awe, chairman of MINCE International Concept Ltd. expo, who was speaking at a press briefing in Lagos to announce the event revealed the event will connect manufacturers to mainstream retail outlets and give manufacturers the chance to showcase their made in Nigeria cosmetics and beauty products to a large number of consumers and distributors for significant sales opportunities.

Kola also noted that in implementing their strategic interventions, MINCE has ensured the presence of MSME cosmetics products in Abidjan, Togo, Morocco and Kenya, adding “the company is positioned to ensure made In Nigeria cosmetics and beauty products take their rightful places in the over $14 billion cosmetics industry in Africa.’’

He further reassured the Nigerian MSMEs the company is ready to ensure cost competitiveness through increasing sales, new market penetration, and effective and efficient distribution support across Africa and beyond.

In addition, he said: “The process ultimately will ensure and assure MSMEs of increased and consistent profitability to keep them in business and highly competitive in the continent.’’

On her part, Chairperson for MINCE expo, Dupe Talabi affirmed that the event comes at the perfect time, adding, “made-in-Nigeria cosmetics expo is to really highlight what we have in Nigeria and what we can do because there is a lot to offer, it is just an untapped market, we have a lot of raw materials, we have a lot of agricultural products, we have a lot of things that are been exported, but not even at maximum capacity, no way near maximum capacity.

“It will create a platform for the producers, to know where to start from and how to get the basic information that will be of assistance to them.’’

The regional coordinator, Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC), Samuel Oyeyipo who spoke during the briefing, described the upcoming cosmetics expo ‘The Road to Export” as an avenue for Nigerian cosmetics manufacturers to audit themselves.

“During the event, we will look at the products, the gaps, the deficiencies and what is required for those products to qualify for the international market and once we can do that which is our own work, then the market is there for us to push those products outside,’’ Oyeyipo said.

According to him, “In terms of trade fairs and trade missions and exhibitions, we are also ready to support whoever has the product provided the labelling and the packaging is comparable with that of international standard.’’

Other partners of the event include Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA), NERC, NICERT, NEXIM, SMEDAN, NEPC, TIC, National Association of Nigerian Traders, among others.


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