Roducate platform continues to deepen Online Learning across Africa.


The Covid-19 pandemic has led to school closures across the country. Everyone–
parents, teachers, students, and even government–agrees that e-learning is the only
way to keep students engaged and learning during this period. But the e-learning
world is hard to navigate because most platforms focus on a niche area. Roducate,
Nigeria’s first indigenous e-learning platform, offers the most comprehensive
solutions needed to adopt e-learning on the massive scale that it is needed.
Roducate offers content from Primary 1 all the way through to university. With
Roducate, students and parents don’t have to worry about whether the content they
are learning is relevant. Roducate carries only a government approved curriculum,
which is endorsed by NERDC, NUC, JAMB, Lagos State Ministry of Education and
the African Union.
Students and parents also do not have to worry about fending for themselves on less
popular subjects. Roducate carries not only Maths and English, but also subjects as
diverse as Music and Cisco/ICT.
Roducate caters to different learning styles: lecture notes for avid readers, podcasts
for auditory learners, tutorial videos for visual learners.
Schools can also get in on the action. They can create their own platform on
Roducate. Access to the platform will be limited to their students. They can choose
to present only their own content or present Roducate’s content as well.
Roducate has a solution for even the biggest problem we face, which is that the
majority of Nigerian students don’t have access to internet enabled devices. The
company has created a version of it’s app called Roducate Mass and offers this
version preloaded on a smart feature phone which consumes very limited data. To
further minimize data use, Roducate Mass is accessible offline. It is also designed to
ensure child safety online.
Roducate’s readiness to tackle these problems may not be a coincidence afterall.
The company’s CEO, Femisola Awosika, released a statement recently, stating, in
part, that, “with countries adopting e-learning as a means of minimizing the
disruption in education during COVID-19 pandemic, our children must not be left
Interestingly, Roducate carries both West African and East African curricula. So it's a
solution that can be used across the continent. The company has proven itself
capable of playing on the big stage as it is the engine behind UBALearn, Glo Mobile
Tutor, and ARMLearn.
Roducate app has logged over 700,000 unique subscribers.  It is available, on the
web, mobile web, USSD, and iOS/Android/KaiOS.
Check out Roducate at Schools can onboard here.


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