Roducate – the True Champion of E-learning


The e-learning platform, Roducate has generated a lot of buzz lately. The platform has a robust solution to offer to schools.

Everything schools need is on Roducate. Schools can create their own platform on Roducate that mirrors the site’s main platform. The platform comes with a suite of features: Lecture Notes, Videos, Podcasts, Practice Assignments, Mock Exams and My Network–a chat function, within the app, for communication between teachers and students and among students.

Schools can subscribe to the app, as a software solution only and upload their own content, to any of the features. Schools can, also use the platform’s content and, even, customize it to suit their students’ needs. It gives schools access, to a Content Management System that allows schools to upload their own content or customize Roducate’s content.

Roducate’s content is rich, diverse and carries curriculum-based content for primary, secondary and tertiary education. It offers all the basic subjects, such as, Maths and English and the, not so basic subjects, such as Agricultural Science and Visual Arts. All content is approved, by the Nigerian Education and Research Development Council, Nigerian Universities Commission, Lagos State Ministry of Education, JAMB and the African Union.

Access to a school’s platform is restricted to only the school’s students, through an access code. This access code can serve the secondary purpose of ensuring that, only students that have paid the school, for the service can enjoy it.

Roducate’s solutions, do not stop there. The company has, even, taken a crack at solving the problem of students, who do not have internet-enabled devices. It currently offers three types of devices: a 2.8” screen KaiOS smart feature phone, a 4-inch screen Android tablet phone and 7-inch screen Android tablet, all preloaded, with the full Roducate app. The devices, also, come with data.

The KaiOS smart feature phone, comes with a Lite version of the app—Lecture Notes, Practice Assignments and Mock Exams—and continuous access to the app is, at no additional cost. The other devices come with the full version of the app and for a termly subscription, students get access to their school’s Roducate platform. From the comfort of their homes, students can remain engaged, with their teachers.

What impressed us the most is that, for a modest additional cost, Roducate offers a solar panel, to charge the devices, so, kids, have no more excuses that electric power is off. Truly, with Roducate, learning never stops.

To learn more about Roducate, visit and To make enquiries, about school onboarding, click this link.


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